1. What do you do?

We remove rubbish and junk from residential and commercial properties in Melbourne. Our commercial and domestic rubbish removal service includes the loading of your rubbish into one of our tip trucks, a general sweep and clean of the area and all disposal fees. You just pay for the volume of rubbished removed.

2. What sort of rubbish do you remove?

Our Melbourne rubbish removal service covers pretty much everything e.g.

  • General household – furniture.... couch, dining table, chairs, mattress & bed base
  • General bagged rubbish – clothing, toys
  • Green waste - branches, leaves
  • Whitegoods – fridges, washing machines, dryers
  • E waste – computers, monitors, printers, mobiles phones
  • Renovation – timbers, gates, plaster board, carpet

3. Is there rubbish you don’t take?

Unfortunately our service does not include some types of hard rubbish collection including:

  • Concrete, bricks, tiles or soil.
  • Hazardous materials including asbestos, paint and solvents.

4. How do you charge?

We charge by the cubic metre for the volume of rubbish that we take away.

5. How do you measure a cubic metre?

Simply measure the length of the pile of rubbish x the height of the pile of rubbish x the width of the pile of rubbish.

Or, if you can imagine how much space the average family car takes up and fitting all your rubbish into this space then you would have about 6-7 cubic metres.

6. Are there any addition surcharges?

  • Tyres - $8
  • Mattress - $30
  • Heavy load - $25
  • Difficult access - The standard rates are for rubbish that is placed in an easily assessable area, e.g. driveway, carport, nature strip. If we cannot get our vehicle within a couple of metres of the rubbish (e.g. Rubbish left at the back of the house. Or up flights of stairs) A difficult access surcharge of $60 per hour may apply.

7. Do I need to know exactly how much rubbish I have to be removed?

NO!! - One of the benefits of using our service instead of hiring a skip bin is that it doesn’t matter how much stuff you have, as you just pay for the volume that we take away. We simply need an idea of the volume to make sure we send the right truck for your needs.

8. What are the benefits of using your service instead of hiring a skip bin?

  • With skip hire you have to pay for the entire volume of the bin you order– with us you just pay for the volume that we take away.
  • We do all the loading and cleaning for you.
  • No need for a council permit
  • No chance of your neighbours filing the skip bin with their junk!
  • Our trucks are the size of a large 4WD – so no damage to your driveway

9. Are you insured?

Yes. All our trucks and workers are fully insured for any damage caused to your property whilst removing your rubbish.

10. Can you transport my belongings from one site to another?

No. We are not insured for this kind of removalist service and besides do you really want to sleep on that mattress again after it has come out of a rubbish truck?

11. Do you recycle?

Yes. We try to recycle where ever and whenever possible.

12. Where does the rubbish go?

We sort and take as much as we can to charities. The rest is sorted and taken to transfer stations that recycle to eliminate excessive landfill.


13. How far in advance do I need to book?

If you would like your rubbish collected on a particular day and time, then the more notice you give us the easier it is to book that time for you. Generally speaking, most jobs can be done on the same day or next day.

14. Do you make appointment times?

Yes. We do try to get to appointments on time; however we do ask you allow for a 2 hour window. This allows for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. You will receive a call from your driver when they are 30 min away.

15. Do I have to be on the site to have my rubbish removed?

No. As long as we can access the rubbish and we have your credit card details.

Once we are onsite, we will give you a call to confirm an exact price, load your rubbish and then process your credit card. A receipt can either be left on site or mailed to you.

16. Do you work weekends?

Yes. We work 7 days a weeks for your connivance. We are open 8am to 8pm.

17. Is there any extra charge for weekends?


18. Do you work outside of your business hours?

If you require a pick up outside of business hours we will try to accommodate your needs, however for OHS reasons our drivers cannot collect after dark.

19. What areas of Melbourne do you service?

We service Melbourne CBD and surrounding inner suburbs. Please refer to our location guide

20. How do I pay?

  • We accept cash and cards
  • Invoices, Direct credit and cheques by prior arrangement only.